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  • Do we service all of California?
    Yes, absolutely. We are licensed in the state of California and offer Civil Engineering services for any city/county within the state.
  • Do we offer Structural Engineering services of any kind?
    Yes. We offer this service for NEW-CONSTRUCTION projects (i.e. new additions, new homes, new ADU, new apartment buildings etc.). Please refer to our "services" page for more information.
  • What is the difference between on-site Civil and off-site Civil?
    On-Site Civil Engineering is anything we design within the property lines of the project. Off-Site Civil Engineering is anything we design beyond the property lines of the project (i.e curb-cut and gutter, street improvements, utility plan Etc.).
  • What types of projects do we do Civil Engineering for?
    We are well versed in collaborating with architects and other consultants on different size projects, such as: land development/sub-lot divisions, apartment buildings/ multi-use buildings, shopping centers, commercial and residential projects.
  • Are we offering any surveying and/or geotechnical (soil) engineering services?
    We do not offer any type of surveying and geotechnical engineering services.
  • Are we hiring?
    Yes, we do hire only licensed Civil Engineers in California with experience in grading, drainage, LID/WQMP, erosion control, cut & fill/earthwork calculations, hydrology study/report, utility plan etc.
  • Do we offer on-site consultations/inspections?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide any type of on-site consultations/inspections.
  • What is our average turnaround time to provide the Civil Engineering submittal set of plans and calculations?
    It depends on the size and scope of your project. Typically, for small to medium residential projects the average turnaround time is 3-5 business weeks, depending on coordination's with Architects/designers and other applicable consultants. For small to medium commercial projects the average turnaround time is 4-6 business weeks. For larger scaled projects, the average turnaround time is 1-2 months.
  • Do we offer internships?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer internships of any kind.
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