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About Us

Our company was first established as a design and build firm on May 2000. Following approximately 10 years of productive work, we left the construction part behind and shifted all of our concentration to the engineering designs. In the past few years, as our company grew, we have invested a lot in learning and educating ourselves to accommodate to this rapid changing industry.

We have completed thousands of projects successfully and with high efficiency. Another transition that our business went through is in the localization. Our business now focuses all of it's resources on projects that are located anywhere in California. Yaacov Marciano, the CEO and principal of Kobe Structural Engineering & Design INC. has many years of experience in the design and build industry in California.

What inspired him to enter into the field of Civil Engineering was the reaction of co-workers and clients as one to his ingenuities approach and ideas in the industry. Now, together with his group of qualified consultants and colleagues, Yaacov Marciano keeps his drive and passion to the profession and to helping home owners and professionals as one in achieving their dreams.

Currently the licensee of Kobe Structural Engineering & Design INC. is Mrs. Aprile Andrada who has been in the field of Civil Engineering for many years. Along with Aprile, there are more engineers in our group who are involved in producing Civil Engineering plans.  

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